ClearCorrect in Manteca, CA


Are you curious about ClearCorrect near you? If you have misalignment of any type, our dentists near you can help. ClearCorrect Aligners are a great alternative to braces and may be a good fit for your needs.

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What is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is a type of clear aligner that is utilized to straighten teeth and fix issues like overcrowding, overbite, and underbite. It functions similarly to other clear aligner systems, such as Invisalign, and employs clear, custom-made trays that gently move teeth into the desired position.

What Are the Advantages of ClearCorrect Aligners?

ClearCorrect Aligners offer many advantages over traditional metal braces. While they both offer similar results, Clear Aligners looks and feels much different.

These are some of the reasons you might choose ClearCorrect Aligners over traditional braces:

  • Clear Aligners look more natural. As mentioned, the aligners are clear, so they are almost invisible.
  • The aligners can be removed. You can take your aligners out for short amounts of time to eat and care for your teeth. This means you can eat whatever you want and maintain good dental hygiene habits without restrictions.
  • Clear Aligners are more comfortable. Since Clear Aligners are made from smooth plastic, you won’t have any wires poking your gums or cheeks.

Is ClearCorrect Right for You?

Schedule a consultation to learn more about Clear Aligner Therapy and whether it’s a good option for you. While ClearCorrect Aligners may be a great way to correct mild to moderate misalignment in many teens and adults, one of our dentists needs to look at your teeth to decide if ClearCorrect Aligners are right for your specific case.

If ClearCorrect isn’t right for your needs, we will help you find a comparable option. We want to make sure you get the results you have been hoping for.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for ClearCorrect near you, contact Valley View Dental. Our dentists in Manteca, CA would be happy to work with you and address your dental concerns.