Five Reasons Why Having Oral Surgery before 21 Is Beneficial

Five Reasons Why Having Oral Surgery before 21 Is Beneficial
March 1, 2023

Tooth extractions are common at any age because they are essential to maintaining dental health, especially when leaving the specific tooth in the mouth can pose other severe health conditions. You may think pushing your teenager to get a wisdom tooth extracted by surgery is concerning. However, it can result in severe complications if your teenager has an impacted wisdom tooth causing tooth decay, gum disease, and overcrowding to give your kid crooked and misaligned teeth. Therefore if the dentist near me suggests surgical extraction of a wisdom tooth on your teenager, kindly accept the proposal as best for their oral health.

Surgical Procedures Are Less Complicated before 21

Teenagers develop their third molars, the last permanent teeth in their jaw, between 17 and 21. Few might have all four wisdom teeth appearing without complications, while others develop impacted wisdom teeth or teeth growing at awkward angles to cause dental infections in their mouth.

Impacted wisdom teeth are generally hidden below the gum line, making them challenging to remove in a straightforward procedure. Instead, they need oral surgery in Manteca, CA, for removal by cutting gum tissue and bone before the teeth fully develop their roots.

The underdeveloped, impacted wisdom teeth and the younger patient age make surgical procedures less complicated before age 21. In addition, teenagers recover faster after the surgery as the tooth roots have not fully developed, making it comfortable for them to receive the surgery without expecting complications.

Why Most Oral Health Problems Tend to Develop at a Younger Age

Oral health problems can affect people at any age, but the fear of visiting dentists to receive treatment at considerable expenditure makes people remain more vigilant with their dental health than youngsters. Therefore they tend to develop more oral health problems at their age than adults.

The Reasons Why Oral Surgery Is Beneficial before 21

  1. Tooth Impaction: Impaction occurs when one growing tooth directly pushes against another tooth, making it susceptible to infections and causing red and tender gums or bleeding. Youngsters experiencing this problem report pain and swelling besides difficulty opening their mouths. Generally, the culprit of this condition is an impacted wisdom tooth with insufficient room in the mouth to emerge upright. Instead, they grow towards an angle to push the neighboring teeth. In such cases, it is best to have the wisdom tooth removed as soon as possible by the dentist in Manteca, CA.
  2. Tooth Decay: Tooth decay results from a buildup of plaque and tartar, and the deposits erode tooth enamel making the teeth weak and brittle. When the condition worsens, it can cause severe pain, swelling, and redness. If a tooth becomes severely infected, extracting it might be the only option with a replacement with dental bridges to avoid health problems later.
  3. Periodontal Disease: Gum disease also results from plaque and tartar buildup and the lack of attention from the dentist at six-monthly intervals. In its earliest stages, gum disease is called gingivitis, resulting in inflammation of the bone and tissue surrounding the teeth. It is called periodontal disease in advanced stages and results in gum recession and jawbone deterioration. In such cases, tooth extraction remains the optimal procedure before getting replacements with a dental bridge.
  4. Trauma: youngsters often receive impacts on their mouths from accidents when involved in contact sports. Accidents wreak havoc on the teeth causing chips and cracks that need immediate attention. Occasionally they can also cause nerve damage, in which case the dentist suggests a root canal with a dental crown as a restoration or extraction if the tooth is challenging to preserve.
  5. Overcrowding: impacted wisdom teeth often cause overcrowding because they usually don’t have sufficient space in the jaw to erupt. Impacted teeth also cause crooked teeth to appear, affecting the youngster’s smile. In such cases, oral surgery to remove the tooth at the back of the mouth helps free space for the remaining teeth to spread as required without needing braces.

Oral surgeries on youngsters are straightforward and relatively painless because dentists provide anesthesia to help them remain comfortable during the surgical procedure. Dentists also give them adequate after-care instructions to ensure they recover quickly without complications as soon as possible.

Dentists don’t recommend oral surgery unless it is a last resort to preserve the youngster’s oral health. However, they make all efforts to save the tooth before suggesting removal by performing oral surgery.

If your youngster has an impacted wisdom tooth getting it removed by undergoing oral surgery from Valley View Dental — Manteca is better than leaving the tooth in the mouth to endure several complications. Consult them today for surgical wisdom tooth removal to give your youngster better oral health.