Why Dental Implants Are Best to Replace Missing Teeth?

Why Dental Implants Are Best to Replace Missing Teeth?
September 1, 2021

Tooth loss is a common occurrence both among children and adults. If you lose a tooth or teeth in your prime, you become self-conscious to show off your smile because of missing teeth. As a result, you search for replacement options and consider having affordable solutions to replace your missing teeth without realizing what you have lost from your mouth. If you don’t want to encounter various challenges of tooth loss, you must consider visiting the Manteca dental office for optimal tooth replacement solutions.

What do you see in your mouth when you lose teeth? You notice visible gaps between your teeth where your tooth crown earlier existed. Unfortunately, you are not aware of the reality of losing teeth, also taking away from you your crucial tooth roots holding the crown and its position. You merely think of replacing the crown without considering replacements for the tooth root are also essential. The loss of tooth roots makes you prone to health issues you never imagined. Unfortunately, you continue searching for affordable solutions inappropriate for replacing the tooth roots to give you a stable replacement.

Why Are Alternative Tooth Replacement Solutions Inadequate?

Visit the dentist near me, and you will receive suggestions for replacing the lost teeth either with partial dentures or dental bridges. Both alternatives, despite being popular among many people because of their affordability and ease of replacing teeth, make them seem like better alternatives. However, both options sit on your gums without trying to replace your tooth roots.

The lack of tooth roots and the space left by the missing teeth encourage your remaining teeth to move towards the vacant space. Your jawbone receives encouragement to begin resorption to make you look older than you are and affect your appearance. Tooth loss also causes problems when biting, causing you to swallow large chunks of food to result in indigestion. The vacant spaces in your mouth become breeding grounds for food debris and bacteria to cause infections like tooth decay and gum disease.

Gum disease can affect your overall health besides causing additional tooth loss, making you vulnerable to search for more replacement options at high costs. Instead of enduring all consequences of losing your tooth root, wouldn’t you benefit merely by contacting dental implants near me, providing you a comprehensive solution to replace missing teeth? A discussion with the dentist providing dental implants will convince you no better option is available to get back natural-looking and appearing artificial teeth in your mouth.

Dental Implants Aren’t Affordable, Are They?

Neither are dental implants affordable nor can you have them within a short time. Some options of getting dental implants in a day are also available if you have lost all your teeth and want instant replacements. However, if your tooth loss has impacted merely one or two teeth, you must opt for traditional dental implants and undergo a lengthy process to receive your replacements.

Before you consider getting dental implants, you will likely have several appointments with the dental office in Manteca, CA, who evaluate your mouth, oral health, and physical health to determine whether traditional dental implants are suitable for you. The examination of your oral health determines whether you are affected by any dental infections and have sufficient jawbone to support traditional implants. In addition, the dentist requests you to refrain or quit smoking because it leads to implant failure.

If you are suitable for the dental implant procedure, you receive instructions from the dentist about the process of embedding the implants and the time required for the healing before you can have your artificial teeth. You receive the dental implant in a day with the freedom to return home immediately after. However, it helps if you remember the embedded titanium post within your jawbone requires time to integrate with it. The recovery time for implant surgery is approximately six to nine months. After you have recovered entirely, you undergo another surgery for abutment placement to hold your artificial tooth made from natural-looking porcelain or ceramic.

What Do You Gain from Dental Implants?

Dental implants are embedded with biocompatible titanium posts into your jawbone to integrate with your jawbone and replicate your artificial tooth roots. While they eventually replace the dental crown you lost, initially, implants provide a stable base for the tooth crown to appear, feel, and function like your natural teeth.

You are free to choose any option you want, but if you desire a lifelike replacement lasting you for a lifetime, you will look no further than dental implants after realizing what you lost with your natural teeth.