Why A Saturday Dentist Is Important

Why A Saturday Dentist Is Important
December 1, 2022

Who is A Saturday Dentist?

It is a dental expert that is available to offer dental services on weekends. These dentists may or may not have the same services during the week. Finding a dental clinic open on a weekend is a joy busy people enjoy. It means you can strike a balance between your work and health.

Why Are They Important?

It is a nice feeling to know that someone has throughout about you enough to relieve you of some burdens and inconveniences. This is a feeling you can experience when you understand and appreciate the importance of Saturday dentists in modern dentistry. Some of their benefits are:

  1. Saturday dentists are convenient for busy folks – you will never appreciate a Saturday dentist near you as much as a busy patient. Balancing work and life can be overwhelming, leave alone adding dental care. Having a Saturday dentist becomes convenient for patients to access dental care services on their days off.
  2. Saturday dentists in Manteca provide emergency dental care. When you have an urgent oral problem, it is pressing and alarming that you cannot wait until Monday to seek treatment. Therefore, it helps to know that there is a Saturday dentist in Manteca, CA, you can count on to offer immediate oral care for your needs. Besides, the longer you allow an urgent problem to go untreated, the more severe the implications.
  3. Saturday dentists are ideal for family dental care. It can be hectic to find a dentist in Manteca, CA, that can care for you and your entire family’s oral health together. The stakes are higher when the family members have busy schedules throughout the week. Saturday dentists ensure that families can seek treatment together when children and parents are all home for the weekend.
  4. Saturday dentists will offer both same-day appointments and next-day appointments – it can be inconvenient to learn that you need a next-day appointment, but your dentist is closed on weekends. Therefore, you must push your appointment to the next week, incorporating unnecessary downtime. Saturday dentists ensure that patients have a place to turn to for next-day appointments on weekends.

What Services Do Saturday Dentists Offer?

Saturday dentists can provide emergency services only or offer comprehensive care to patients. Ensure you ask beforehand whether you can receive the kind of dental care you need for your Saturday dentist. Either way, some of the services you should be able to access on weekends are:

  1. Same-day restorations – are treatment protocols that can repair and restore your teeth within one dental sitting. Same-day restorations can range from dental crowns and veneers to dentures.
  2. Simple tooth extractions – Saturday dentists can extract teeth, especially in cases of dental cavities.
  3. Dental check-ups and comprehensive exams – physical and diagnostics tests are necessary to help you get the right treatment for underlying oral issues.
  4. Dental fillings – you shouldn’t have to wait till Monday to receive a tooth filling for your decayed or broken tooth.
  5. Dental cleanings – routine tooth cleanings every six months are crucial to maintaining a healthy mouth.
  6. Orthodontic follow-up treatments – you must visit your dentist regularly for adjustments and reviews when you begin your orthodontic treatment with braces. Your Saturday dentist can be your plug for follow-up treatments on weekends.
  7. Emergency dentistry – at Valley View Dental – Manteca, we cater to patients’ oral emergencies. Some of the common dental emergencies in dentistry are:
    • Toothache
    • Dislodged or knocked-out tooth
    • Tooth fracture
    • Foreign object in the mouth
    • Oral-related allergic reactions

Choosing the Right Saturday Dentist

Dentists available on weekends offer superb solutions to patients, ensuring they can keep enjoying dental care services regardless of the day of the week. However, before choosing a Saturday dentist, research to verify several things about your dentist:

  1. Cost of treatments and payment plans – you need a dentist that accepts different forms and payments while offering flexible payment plans.
  2. Variety of services – not all dentists available on weekends can offer the services you need. Find a general dentist that can cater to varying features of your oral cavity.
  3. Flexible hours – although your dentist may be open on weekends, they may have restrictions over the working hours on weekends.