What Is the Process of Getting Same-Day Dental Implants?

What Is the Process of Getting Same-Day Dental Implants?
August 4, 2022

Have you lost a tooth recently or had it extracted because it was infected? The gap in your mouth impacts your smile and affects its functionality. If you wonder what you can do to restore your smile and close the gap between your teeth, same-day implants in Manteca, CA, can help you restore your pearly whites.

The popularity of same-day implants is gaining traction among people losing teeth for various reasons. The traditional implant placement process requires months before you can have artificial teeth over the implant. Fortunately, same-day implants permit you to have new teeth in your mouth on the day of implant placement in your jawbone.

Do not be concerned if you are not aware of this procedure. This article takes you through the process of getting same-day implants to give you a gleaming smile before you realize it.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium posts embedded into your jawbone in a surgical process to function as an artificial tooth root after it fuses with your body. You receive a dental crown over the implant after recovering from the surgery requiring three to six months.

After embedding the implant in your jawbone by the dentist near me, you must allow the embedded titanium post to integrate with the bone in an osseointegration process. The process is incredibly beneficial and provides a stable foundation for your artificial tooth after recovery.

You must undergo another surgery for abutment attachment over the implant to hold your artificial dental crown resembling your lost tooth. Unfortunately, the process is lengthy and requires nearly seven months before you have a replacement tooth.

The Process for Getting Same Day Dental Implants

The procedure to get same-day dental implants does not differ from traditional implants. However, the dentist in Manteca, CA, completes the process in three appointments. The first appointment is to discuss your candidacy for implant placement when the dentist takes x-rays of your mouth, and CT scans to determine whether you have adequate jawbone to hold the implant. Unfortunately, if you don’t have sufficient jawbone, you must undergo bone grafting to augment bone before you can have the dental implant placed. Bone graft surgery requires three to six months to recover.

However, if you consider same-day dental implants, the Manteca dentist can place the implant in your mouth on your second appointment using traditional implants if you have adequate jawbone or mini implants if you lack the jawbone in the mouth. The dentist also provides you with artificial teeth immediately after the implantation process to restore your smile in one visit.

The same-day dental implant process is faster, and the success rate for the procedure is also excellent, as confirmed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Same-day implants permit you to leave the dentist’s office with a new smile soon after the surgery. The implant prevents bacteria from entering the edentulous gap in your mouth and comes with easier and quicker healing for the gums.

Unfortunately, the artificial teeth you receive are temporary because you must go through the healing process before receiving permanent teeth to replace the temporary teeth provided by the dentist. Therefore even as same-day dental implants restore your smile on the day of your procedure, you must have them replaced eventually with custom-created porcelain teeth after the implant fuses with your body.

What Are the Costs of Getting Same-Day Dental Implants?

The costs of getting same-day implants are similar to the cost of traditional implants. You can expect to pay around $ 6000 for the titanium post, dental crown, abutment, and surgical procedure when having same-day implants to replace your natural teeth. If you lack jawbone and the dentist places mini implants, it helps if you remember that mini implants have a lifespan of around six to nine years and need proper care to prolong their life. The cost might seem like a significant price to pay for artificial teeth. However, the replacement restores your smile and prevents jawbone resorption, which undoubtedly affects you after tooth loss. Therefore you must decide carefully whether you want same-day implants or are willing to have traditional implants by waiting for some time if you have inadequate jawbone.

Valley View Dental — Manteca provides same-day dental implants for your missing teeth lasting you for your life if you have adequate jawbone. They can also close the gap between your teeth with mini same-day implants to restore your smile on the day of the procedure by providing artificial teeth. Kindly schedule an appointment with this practice if you prefer same-day implants to replace your missing teeth.