The Foods You Take And Your Dental Health

The Foods You Take And Your Dental Health
December 1, 2021

Food is essential to life, growth, and development. The foods you eat influence your oral health either positively or negatively. The growth and development of every part of the body, including the teeth, is dependent on the food you eat. The development of the teeth starts from the womb; however, the teeth do not erupt above the gumline until a child is about six to twelve months of age—some classes of food like calcium help strengthen the teeth and their enamels. Foods containing calcium also helps to fortify the teeth against dental diseases and defects.

However, while the food you eat can have a positive impact, like strengthening your teeth, it can also hurt your teeth, oral health, and general health. The foods we eat are responsible for the discoloration of the teeth. The teeth have pores (tiny holes) in them, like the skin, and they absorb the color of foods and drinks taken into the mouth like sponges. The buildup of these colors causes tooth discoloration, and this damages the beauty of the teeth. That is one of the negative impacts of your choice of diet.

Tooth decay, a widespread dental problem, is also caused by the food you eat. The infestation of the mouth causes tooth decay by dental plaques. Dental plaques are formed due to the interaction between saliva, food particles, and bacteria in the mouth. Dental plaques use the sugary/starchy food particles in your mouth to produce acids. These acids break down the tooth’s enamel and cause the tooth to decay. Tooth decay serves as another example to prove that your diet choice affects your oral health directly or indirectly.

Another example of the negative influence that your choice of food can have on your teeth is the development of gum diseases. Dental plaques also cause gum disease. The gums are inflamed as a result of the acids produced by dental plaques. As a result of the effects of your choice of food on your teeth and dental health, we will examine foods that are suitable for your teeth and dental health.

Are Crunchy Foods Good For Your Teeth?

Crunchy foods are dense-textured foods that undergo a series of fractures and emit relatively loud and low-pitched sounds when chewed with the molars. Crunchy foods are pears, apples, carrots, grapes, cucumber, pepper, crackers, breadsticks, etc.

Crunchy foods are genuinely beneficial to the teeth. When chewing crunchy foods, saliva production increases. The fibrous texture of raw vegetables helps scrub food particles in the teeth and act as a natural floss. These vegetables also help to reduce the acidity in your mouth. Eating nuts also helps to release vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D and calcium. Eating crunchy foods helps to hydrate the mouth and reduce bacteria in the mouth. Pain or discomfort while chewing crunchy foods can be an indication of tooth decay and other dental problems. It would help if you visited a dentist near you or a dentist in Manteca, CA, for a diagnosis, dental examination, and cleaning.

Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth & Boost Your Immune System

While general dentistry in Manteca, CA, help set up preventive measures against dental diseases and infections, the following foods help to fortify your teeth and boost your immune system against disease:

  • Citrus fruits. In moderation, they help to strengthen your immune system.
  • Greek Yoghurt. It contains calcium that helps to improve your teeth and fortify them against decay.
  • Broccoli and other fibrous green vegetables. They are great for your overall dental and general health.
  • Red bell peppers. They give vitamin C without you having to worry about acids from citrus fruits.
  • Almonds. They are full of vitamin C, and they help boost the immune system.