How Can an Endodontist Help during Save Your Tooth Month?

How Can an Endodontist Help during Save Your Tooth Month?
November 1, 2022

Every year in May, the country celebrates the essentiality of saving natural teeth. Earlier, Endodontists and patients have always celebrated the spirit of tooth saving. However, Endodontics in Manteca, CA, was always amazed by their patients’ responses. The treatments they provided put fear in everyone’s minds, making it more essential to understand that a healthy mouth also ensures you are healthy.

The Endodontists from Manteca look forward to celebrating Save Your Tooth Month in May with appearances on media and celebrations on social media, including a surprise or two requesting you to join them to learn about the importance of saving your natural tooth.

What is Endodontics?

In reality, endodontics is a term derived from two Greek words. Endo means inside in Greek, and odont means the tooth in Greek. Endodontics is a specialty in dentistry recognized by many dental organizations, including the Royal Australasian College of dental surgeons, the American Dental Association, and the Royal College of dentists of Canada. The Greek words indicate studying the inner part of the tooth or the dental pulp and the dentin lying beneath the enamel. The dentin protects the pulp from developing infections by bacteria in the mouth.

Endodontists are specialists in endodontics, acquiring additional training after completing dental school to treat dental pulp infections to help save your natural tooth from extraction. Although the treatment has a fearsome reputation, the root canal process Endodontists perform helps relieve pain instead of causing it and prevents tooth removal after the treatment by getting it capped with a dental crown.

The Importance of Saving Your Natural Tooth

Occasionally your teeth can develop infections or disease to need additional care. However, whenever possible, you must always consider saving your natural tooth without considering getting it pulled because it is in the posterior region of your mouth. Although no one will notice the tooth loss, you will undoubtedly feel it because it adversely affects your quality of life.

You also become a victim of the consequences of tooth loss because missing teeth from any part of your mouth will encourage your remaining teeth to drift towards the vacant spaces. The drifting affects your biting and chewing, needing expensive orthodontic treatments to correct the situation. You might think tooth extraction will not cause pain like root canals. However, if you contemplate the cost of replacing the missing tooth with artificial prosthetics, you realize it requires multiple dental visits that can fast add to the charges.

Modern endodontics offers advanced technology, procedures, and materials, giving you various treatment options to save your natural teeth. However, you must understand your choices and how they can impact your tooth and dental health later. Therefore it is always best to save your natural tooth and make endodontic treatment from the dentist in Manteca, CA, the preferred choice for excellent health and aesthetic needs.

Endodontists specialize in saving teeth; your natural teeth are worth a second chance. The specialist in Manteca evaluates your situation to provide the best treatment plan to help protect your teeth for life.

Is a Fearsome Therapy like Root Canals Worth Celebrating?

Tooth canals are indeed worth celebrating because the start of the procedure ensures the end of tooth pain. In addition, scheduling a root canal with a medical specialist with advanced training indicates you will meet a superhero who saves your teeth.

During your root canal, the endodontist removes the infected or inflamed dental pulp to carefully clean and shape the inside of the canals before filling and sealing the space. Thereafter you can visit your regular dentist to get the treated tooth capped with a dental crown to restore the tooth to full functionality and protect it from additional damage or infections.

Save your tooth month celebrates this tooth-preserving procedure and the skill of Endodontists responsible for preserving teeth. While general dentists can also perform root canals, Endodontists spend an extra two years after dental school acquiring training focusing solely on endodontic procedures.

Do you know realize why the endodontist is considered a superhero for saving teeth? However, providing root canals doesn’t merely involve masks, capes, and weapons to deal with bacteria. The significant power entrusted to Endodontists is also responsible for changing the perception of root canals to enable them to preserve more teeth. Patients can join hands with Endodontists during save your tooth month to become ambassadors of restoring smiles everywhere.

Valley View Dental — Manteca specialists, providing root canals and preserving teeth, are also participants of the save your tooth month scheduled for May. After learning why saving your natural tooth is essential, wouldn’t you want to join hands with them to become an ambassador to restore smiles? We are confident you will contact the practice immediately to become a smile Ambassador in May.