General Dentistry Providing Excellent Services to Patients of All Age Groups

General Dentistry Providing Excellent Services to Patients of All Age Groups
November 1, 2021

If you have a family with kids and elderly members, would you consider visiting separate dentists for everyone’s dental needs? Unfortunately, the trips to different dentists will require time and scheduling appointments besides driving around town in snarling traffic. Instead, if you consider making general dentistry in Manteca, CA, your family dentist, you receive treatment for all family members from one dentist offering flexible hours to treat every family member.

Please do not assume the dentist, Manteca, CA, doesn’t know dental anatomy because the dentist has graduated after completing four years of training in a new school and has begun practicing soon after. Furthermore, if you think specialists are preferable for treating different family members, you are committing an error because specialists in specific fields of dentistry prefer concentrating on their area of specialization, may not entertain requests for routine cleanings or exams, and redirect you to a dentist near me for the treatment.

Why Must You Prefer General Dentists over Specialists?

Specialists in dentistry acquire additional education after completing four years in dental school. The specialties they gain experience in are orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, pedodontics, and others. They spend an additional two to three years completing specialized courses to treat specific conditions and patients. One division of dentistry only deals with treating children while the others treat all patients. Therefore it indicates you must visit different dentists for every member of your family.

On the other hand, general dentistry near me accommodates patients of all ages regardless of whether they are children or senior family members. You can confidently visit a general dentistry facility with the assurance that you don’t have to drive around town because the dentist is too busy or has the time or knowledge to treat a specific dental issue. Doesn’t it benefit you to visit general dentistry instead of specialists for your entire household?

What Treatments Can You Expect from General Dentistry?

The treatments you can expect from general dentistry depend on the particular member of your family needing the therapy.

If you need routine cleanings and exams and your spouse needs aesthetic improvements to their teeth and smile, rest assured the Manteca dental office will not disappoint you. You can schedule one appointment for both members and receive the treatments needed conveniently from the dental office without driving around town.

If your kid needs cavity fillings, the general dentistry professional can restore their teeth using tooth-colored fillings to ensure the fillers do not impact their smile. If your children need orthodontic treatments for a misaligned bite, general dentistry treats the condition by providing braces to straighten their teeth and improve their dental health.

Senior family members who may have lost teeth and need restorations also receive help from general dentistry, providing them with dental prosthetics like dentures or even dental implants if they need a permanent solution.

Besides the above general dentistry focuses on preventive care to ensure you and your family members are not affected by dental problems. For example, during routine dental exams and cleanings, you receive fluoride treatments to strengthen your enamel in your battle against cavities. In addition, children and teenagers receive dental sealants on their molars besides fluoride treatments to prevent cavities in their mouths.

What Are the Benefits of General Dentistry?

The most significant benefit of general dentistry is the time and money you save by dealing with one dental facility for all family members instead of visiting different dentists for every member. In addition, it reduces the hassle of scheduling various appointments and carrying along a load of paperwork because general dentistry maintains records of your entire household, making it easier for you to receive the treatments required without trying to recollect your earlier appointment.

Specialists offering different treatments will likely charge you higher prices for the services they provide because of the additional time they spent acquiring the specialized education. On the other hand, general dentists charge reasonable prices because they function in a competitive field where over 80 percent of dentists in the country work in a similar capacity. Therefore, it indicates you save money by having general dentistry professional like your family dentist because of the lower expenditure you can expect. In addition, general dentistry facilities accept dental insurance from different providers, making it convenient for you to manage your finances when seeking dental treatments.

You may or may not encounter dental emergencies, and we hope your family also joins you. However, if you or your family member faces any dental problem, rest assured the Manteca dental office is available even on weekends to alleviate the pain and ensure tooth loss doesn’t occur. Therefore it makes sense for you to deal with a general dentistry facility for the needs of your family.